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I'm a guy. I'm an awesome web developer, database administrator and project manager. I have used MySQL, Oracle and PHP in the past but actually prefer Microsoft products. (Please don't kill me LAMP lovers!) They just seem more simple. Also you get them for free if you just show up to the product launch!!! :) This is just a casual blog where I can put random stuff along with bugs that I had hard times resolving.

IIS App Info

If you run any kind of websites on IIS you know how difficult it can be to keep track of what is running or even installed.  That’s why I made IIS App Info.

For just 99 cents (via PayPal) you can run IIS App Info on any modern IIS server and get a list of all applications setup.  You can do this for each App Pool, All App Pools or whichever ones you select.

This is a great tool for those that need to load balance, monitor developers or plan on migrating applications to another server.

Sure, you could code your own but even the best of us would take 1-3 hours to create.  This is only $0.99 and your time is worth a lot more than $1 per hour!

Buy now for less than $1
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IIS App Info

KeyboardBumps Keyboard Enhancement

A couple of months back I was happily grinding away playing Star Wars the Old Republic and Star Craft 2 online.  I was happy getting owned (PWNEd for you fellow geeks) by younger kids.  I’ve been typing on a keyboard the “right” way since I took typing in high school back in the mid-nineties.  However, in the gaming world, your normal keyboard skills will only hurt you.   This is because for PC/Mac games you only use one hand for the keyboard and the other for the mouse.  Moving your right hand from keyboard to mouse and back only slows you down and lets younger generations get the drop on you.  (See: Normal vs Gamer Keyboard)

While I was happy being that “Special” kid that could never time the power right as I searched for the #8 or tried hitting “0” without looking I started wishing for home-key bumps on my numbers and shift keys.  (How many times have you hit Caps Lock thinking it was shift?  (or the Windows key thinking it was CTRL or ALT?)

As you know, nearly all keyboard come with tiny little bumps on the “F” and “J” keys.  This is so you can find your “Home Keys”.  For normal typing, your pointer fingers rest right over these keys.  People could really use those same bumps on their number keys.  No keyboard have this.  Even if keyboard came with bumps on their number, windows, alt or shift keys, my personal preference might be totally different.

After a bunch of prototyping, investing and re-prototyping I came up with KeyboardBumpsâ„¢


KeyboardBumpsâ„¢ are silicone stickers that you can stick to any keyboard button.  The effect is quite like braille except better!  Most competitors out there have crappy PVC stickers that not only look awful but are expensive, and barely have any feel to them.  KeyboardBumpsâ„¢ look great, have a raised word “BUMP” on them, feel awesome but don’t get in the way of normal typing and fit any normal or laptop sized keyboard.  I chose silicone because they are softer than plastic so you don’t get that “Heebie jeebie” sensation when you touch them.  They also will curve to your key if your keyboard has slightly rounded buttons on it.

I’ve been using them for over a week and have put them on every keyboard I use.  I even put them on my work keyboard as my home keys existing bumps wore down and I often found myself writing jibberish.

So for just a few bucks you can get a lot more out of your computer games and finally start “PWN”ing those younger brats in WoW, Start Wars, StarCraft, etc…

Limited supplies so order now before I start marketing them for real and have to re-fill my stock.

Invisible iPhone Keys

Many “Old School” people kick and scream when they go from a Blackberry or older phone w/Keyboard to the iPhone.  Quickly though they accept the lack of keyboard because they gain a world of touch.

I love America so much because people come up with great solutions to these kind of problems.  Enter Dennis from a new startup called “qwik-keys”.


Qwik-keyz are the bomb.  They let you type by “Feel”, giving you that tactile touch the iPhone lacks.  It’s a simple but never seen before screen protector with raised bumps that let you find your key by feel.


The secret — qwik-keyzâ„¢ delivers a precisely mapped "bump cluster" of raised touchpoints that covers all aspects of the keyboard. (First run available only for iPhone 3 & 4)

No need to apply extra pressure – qwik-keyzâ„¢ simply guides your touch on a smartphone screen to provide quick accurate typing through the ultra thin and durable film protecting "skin".

Quick-clean protection -  Along with the amazing patent pending design of the qwik-keyzâ„¢ keyboard, this product offers users a safe, removable screen protecting skin.  Rinse with water to clean and re-apply in seconds.

Added Bonus:
- Improved accuracy without applying extra pressure
- Covers all aspects of the keyboard
- Safe, removable screen protecting skin
- Static cling for zero adhesive residue
- Cool color alignment guides
- Speed development of muscle memory through tactile experience
- Developed with former Blackberry…® users in mind!

I’ve become a backer for qwik-keyz and so can you.  Just visit them over at Kickstarter and see the magic for yourself!

Kickstart qwik-keyz here!

Walking Dead Helicopter

Walking Dead Helicopter

At the end of Season 2 of “The Walking Dead” some may have already forgotten about the helicopter.

One theory is that it’s “Merle”.  It could be, but in real life you need 2 working hands to fly a helicopter and we know that Merle only one remaining.

The helicopter “Is” and “Isn’t” going to be important. 


In season 3 you will see the helicopter again, but not until a couple episodes in.  After the group finally is settling into their new home and all seems that hopeful Rick will see the helicopter and go chase it.  That is when things go from dark to EPICLY black.

The helicopter is filled with some people trying to escape the city, but they will crash.  A new group will “find” the passengers.  Merle will most likely be in this new group as well.  …and lets say that Merle isn’t going to be too happy to see Rick.  Merle’s “one-hand situation” will play a big role in what happens to Rick here.

Season 3 is going to be a big change as the “Whiners” aren’t going to survive like they have been (as seen with Dale towards the end of Season 2).

How to Make Money with Flash Games

Most people don’t realize how many people play games on the computer.…  Most of the media focuses on iPhone and Android Apps making some think that Flash Games are no longer popular.…  This couldn’t be further from the truth.…  There are 100,000’s more Flash apps on the web than there are Android/Apple apps.…  A lot of these apps are made popular on Facebook but there are thousands of sites that publish games online such as Armor Games, Kongregate, etc..

Most people make money from Flash Games in 1 of 2 ways.…  “Advertising” on the webpage or by “selling in-game add-ins”.

Most Flash Game websites use Google Adsense.…  They surround the game with different ads as seen below and hope that you click on them.…  Often times, game websites put ads very close to the game hoping that you accidentally click on it while playing.…  That is because they only get paid when you click on the ad.…  However, the Game Maker Get’s None of this Money regardless of if the click was on purpose or accident!…  The website hosting the game makes the cash while the game maker makes nothing.

In Game Ads


Most of the most successful “Flash Gamers” make the most of their money by using “In Game Purchases/Add-Ons” however, this is very complex.…  Not only do you have to design your game around the idea of buying stuff, you have to manage sales and let people login in order to see it.…  It is incredibly difficult to manage this and this kind of monetization does not work with most games.

The easiest way to make money with Flash Games is “In Game Ads”.…  The most popular In Game Advertisers are not where you make the most money though.…  For example, MochiMedia (also known as MochiAds) won’t even tell you what percentage you make and there’s no way to tell if they are ripping you off.

The most trusted In Game Ads comes from…  1UpAds is great for a couple reasons.…  The biggest reason why 1UpAds dominates is because it is SIMPLE!…  Add just a little script to your game and BOOM, your game then has ads in it.

With 1UpAds, websites can still use AdSense and you game makers can still have “In Game Purchases” as well.

Even if somebody steals your game and puts it on their website without your permission, you can make even more money because of it.…  Unlike Adsense and other “Webpage Ads”, if somebody else hosts (or steals) your game, your ads will still be delivered meaning YOU get the money from the ads not the website showing the game, not them.

Most Flash Game programmers make Flash apps because it’s a labor of love.…  They don’t realize that there is a LOT of money to be made that they aren’t getting.…  Try out for a month and I guarantee you will be happy.…  DON’T LEAVE FREE MONEY ON THE TABLE!


Click Here for Best 1UpAds Rates

Best Zombie Killing Sword



My Posts have been a little “Zombie Obsessed” lately due to The Walking Dead.  When I need a minute break I do a little research.

Today’s research is about the Best Zombie Killing Sword.

Fortunately the zombie invasion is a ways off so we can all prepare pretty easily with the help of the internet.  My website of choice for zombie gear is none other at  Who would have thought in the 90’s Amazon would be great for both books and apocalypse gear?!

Now, the sad part about any zombie killing day is that , no matter how many you buy, you will eventually run out of bullets.  So you need a superb hand to hand weapon.  Look no further than the 5 star rated handmade Japanese Katana!

Zombie Sword

The reasons that I would get this one are…

1. It’s less than $60
2. It’s easy to buy (Buy from here… )
3. It’s super easy to use

It’s cheap, and easy to buy.  It’s even super easy to use.  Just look up How to Use a Katana Videos on YouTube.

You’ll hear a all zombie nerds debate what is best, but remember the #1 thing is life. K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid).  The best sword has always been the ninja sword, so don’t overthink it.

Walking Dead Person with the Sword

Walking Dead Person with the Sword

For those reading up on their Walking Dead news, you’ve come to realize we are 100% correct so far.

1. The Group will be forced off the farm and take shelter in a prison.
2. Jenner’s Secret to Rick

The next tidbit isn’t really a secret.  The big question is about “Who is the person with the sword?”

The person with the sword is a woman named Michonne.  She uses a Katana for silent killing of zombies/walkers.  She also keeps 2 zombies with her (one is her ex-boyfriend).  She removed their arms and their jaw making it impossible for them to hurt her.  They stopped trying to attack her eventually and because she leads them around, the other walkers tend to leave her alone.

She’s a real badass but might be a little damaged.  You have to be a little mental to remove the jaw and arms of a boyfriend!  She’s tough but really only worried about 1 person.  Herself.

Season 3 should be epic and focus on new harsher realities of this world gone upside down!

Michonne Walking Dead

Jenner’s secret message to Rick Revealed

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this if you don’t actually want to know what Dr. Jenner from Season one of the Walking Dead sead to Rick Grimes in the Season 1 Finale.


While most have forgotten about this scene, this secret has still not been revealed.  The #1 theory was that Lori was pregnant but we know this was not the case as Rick was pretty darn surprised when he found out in Season 2.

In the second last episode of Season 2.5 you were “shown” the real secret.  This was shown when the prisoner was killed and then brought back to unlife.  The same happened with Shane.

The secret message is that either “Everybody’s infected” or “…it’s not an infection”.

Now what will people do?

All that I know is that it’s not fair that there’s only 1 more episode left in the season.  Well at least Game of Thrones will be back on soon.

How Apple’s New iPad Touch Works

iPad Touch

Apple’s new iPad invitation boasts “See” and “Touch”.  While most people think the newest incarnation of the iPad was going to be just a better screen, there are some smarter individuals that picked up on the “Touch” portion of the invitation.

The newest iPad uses technology from Senseg  to make the screen feel smooth, rough, bumpy, etc…  It’s very cool how it does this.  Senseg’s patented technology uses the Coulomb effect to make things feel different.  Basically it does this with changing the “Charge” of very small sections of the screen to pull, or push your finger ever so gently.  Space these out in different distances and patterns and the perceived result is “Gritty”, “Ribbed”, “Edged”, etc…

This is a lot higher tech than the old Blackberry “Click Screen”.

It is very difficult to describe the effect as “Feeling is Believing”.  This new Touch-Tech will go ever so viral and many people will flood into the Apple stores to experience this.

It is quite eerie that the iPad made famous for being touched can now touch you back!

Is this iPad Touch the first step to Star Trek style “Holodecks”?  Sounds like it.