Make $1,000 a Month

A lot of BS sites out there give you general ways to make money online.…  Nobody ever says “This is exactly how I did it”.

Well here’s one guy who spent $1,758.60 and brought in $2,673.60 ($915 profit).

Zip Submit Case Study

He simply signed up for NeverBlue Ads and created an AdWords content campaign with the following ad.

Groceries Ad

He paid 35 cents a click and used the keywords “food stamp, food stamps, recipe, recipes”.

At first he had a landing page.…  After the ads were showing for a few days he redirected the clicks straight to the offer.…  This isn’t really compliant with Google but it will work for a bit.

The guy’s name is Scott Weaver and he’s got a pretty good blog.…  Check out his Zip Submit Case Study.

What’s really great about this campaign is the “Food Stamps” keywords.…  Not many people bid on “Food Stamps”.…  People who use food stamps are usually lower income and more likely to act on free offers.

So know your demographic!

Edit: If you want to redirect via HTML/Javascript, here’s the code. You can pretty much put it anywhere in your web page’s HTML.

<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = ""

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