Unbreakable Camera

Out in Buffalo, NY I found that I had misplaced my new digital camera.  (For the record it’s an Olympus Stylus 690).  I must have left it out in the car which really isn’t a good idea as it was very cold that night.  I went out in the next morning to get it and found it on the ground.


It seems as though my camera had dropped out of my pocket.  It was warm so it had melted the snow on the ground and made a little ice block on it.



I placed my frozen camera on the floor of a friend’s Jeep as went to Wal-Mart.


After letting it warm up I turned it on and it came right to life.  I took a picture of myself.



This is also the same camera I used to take photos of Me and Matt Cutts and Me and Craig Newmark.


Here’s a link to the Camera on Amazon if you’re interested in checking it out.  It already paid off for me.

Olympus Stylus (affiliate link)

Mine was the 790.  If you are going to do deep diving then look at the 770.  The 770 goes down to 55 feet in water.

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