NetFlix to Rent Movie via Download

RUMOR: NetFlix is in direct competition with Blockbluster’s mail order service. It would seem that Blockbuster has the upper hand seeing as how you can choose to return movies to a store and get an immediate replacement instead of NetFlix’s mail order only option.

Don’t count NetFlix down for the count yet. Some of my sources have said that NetFlix will allow direct movie rentals online in 2007. What is quicker than going to the store? The answer is “Clicking on a Button”.

While I don’t have any of the details we assume that you will have to stream the movie to your machine via software that prohibits you from saving the movie for too long. Also we are unsure how this will work in conjunction with their existin mail order service. Will this be an add on or will this be a part of their existing mail order service.

Look for signs that NetFlix will start hosting movie trailers in the short term. While it is not out the question, it is rather unlikely that NetFlix will partner with Google Video, YouTube or any other similar service.

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